Prepare yourself financially

With the last 2 years being stressful, critical health issues are on the rise and with it so are healthcare costs. Treatment for critical health issues is expensive and can drain a family's finances quickly.

The good news is that with the right financial planning, you can easily meet the high cost of healthcare and opt for the best treatment. More importantly, it will ensure that you do not have to dip into the savings kept aside for your family's future and other important life goals.

Choose eIA. Choose complete protection

To ensure complete financial security and protection for your loved ones, it is advisable to convert your life insurance policies into an Electronic Insurance Account (eIA). This is an account which stores all your policies in one place in an e-format.

Key benefits:

Storage and management of all your life insurance policies across all insurance companies

Storing your documents in an e-format protects them from mishaps like fire, flood, etc. This ensures that the future of your loved ones is protected

Contact details like phone number, address, etc. can be updated for all your policies at just one place

Easy access can be granted to a trusted person which will ensure that your loved ones receive the planned benefits